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Dear Mom,
Well, since you and I do everything by computer these days (you even play with the kids over the webcam & we share coffee together in the afternoons sometimes!), it seems only natural that we'd celebrate your birthday online, too! Welcome to your "virtual" birthday! From all of us that can't be there in person, we wish you the very happiest 50th birthday! Be sure to click on the guestbook to see all the best wishes from friends & family.
Love, Dayna
  / Ashley Barnes
Cheers to 50 more years of shopping, martinis and appies on the beach, manicures, haircuts, linens 'n' things trips, cabin trips, girl talks, drive-thru starbucks, chocolate!, long telephone conversations at work, nights at plays, cooking, chats on m...  Continue >>
  / Ruth Barnes
hey there Ruth...50 years ago the amazing news that I had become an aunt was stupendous! You continue to be amazing and stupendous in every way...and I'm so delighted to be your aunt...Happy Birthday, Lots and lots and lots of love.Leona
  / Alice Barnes
Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you have a great day.
  / Lillian And Corneliu Guenter
Happy birthday, Ruth! Thank you for the great times this summer. Johann, too, had a special summer, in which you played such an important part.
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